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Yes, my dogs are my babies

YourTango blogger Elizabeth Broadbent decided to rage against people who refer to their dogs as ‘babies’ or ‘furkids’ because that sort of thinking supposedly insults mothers of human children. As a parent of humans and dogs, I believe her thinking makes her an asshole. In fact, I’m not even sure where she gets off even making this a conversation. She comes off like those jerks who dish out a hard time to folks who choose not to have children at all - another patently unnecessary conversation.

I have two children, both grown now, and I also have dogs, and while my kids are very important to me, my dogs are just as important. They are my babies, and no matter what contrasts and comparisons Elizabeth Broadbent makes between raising humans and dogs. These dogs will always be my babies.


My furkids, Sally and Lucy. And a super fast, super shitty Pixlr job.

So, Elizabeth Broadbent, I invite you to fuck right off. Dogs are family, they should be treated as such, and we as dog owners get to assign any nomenclature we desire, whether you like it or not.

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