I feel like I am the only one who isn't bothered at all.

Maybe it is because my focus in gaming shifted to PC since school started and that is where I spent all my time anyways, maybe its because the Xbox gets used for everything on top of gaming.

I'm not sure why, but I just don't get the hate.

I've paid for Live for years, I find value in it, and it shows as being a rock solid service compared to PSN which I sometimes feel like strangling.

DRM should bother me, but really its the 24 check that bothers me. As far as we know, XB1 has no extended offline mode yet like Steam, but apart from that things look about even. Look at what Steam went through when it came out, all the hate they got for their system.

Now look at where it is. Popular, massive, and able to pull huge strings on pricing. Maybe that's what MS wants to have happen? Maybe MS is trying to encourage that to happen? I don't know. The console isn't out and we're already writing the thing off like its the spawn of satan.


I have an open mind, I have preorders on both but thats more for varieties sake, I'm not sure what I'll actually end up ordering first.

I see their vision, I see their drive to push everything towards cloud computing and to exploit the system that they have setup but I think we are all giving them unnessecary crap when the product isn't even on store shelves and when we don't even have it in front of us to actually use.


Call me crazy, but I'd like to judge something based on how I use it and my experiences, not the collective zeitgeist of the internet.

To relate to cars (since I do hail from Oppo), this is akin to every single person saying the Mustang GT would be a pile of crap and DOA because it didn't have independent rear suspension and it was still using an archaic setup and it wasn't as refined. Typical, couch based criticism.


Then came the reviews, the personal drives, the actual hands on use. This antiquated pony car was giving the BMW M3 a run for its money in performance. Despite all its natural handicaps.

A bit of a stretch comparison I admit, but I am not going to be so quick to write off a product I have yet to experience and if that makes me a "Microsoft sheep" then by all means, I'll take that label for trying to keep a open mind.