Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Let's talk about the latest Kinja iteration that is soon to be thrust upon us one more time. See this thing? This is a "highlights" view.

And here's when you click a time stamp.


Hey, LOOK! Indentation. What a concept! In either place, it is very clear where a conversation starts and ends. So, better than it was looking, I guess. The question is, why can't all the threads have such a clear delineation when you are looking at them together? I mean, seriously. Pale gray lines that mean absolutely nothing? No delineation of which comment belongs to which convo? Everything in completely stilted chronological order?

Poor swelsh. We know you aren't randomly derailing the thread about Otter's questionable behavior in the presence of sleeping houseguests. But Kinja doesn't. Kinja doesn't know much. DO YOU KINJA?



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