After reading the article on Gizmodo about Blockbuster liquidating all of their assets, yesterday we took a trip to the only one left open in our area to see if they were selling anything...they were. Just like others, everything in the store was on sale.

First off, I was quite disappointed in the prices. There were a lot of used DVD's for $20. C'mon guys, "Everything must go!" They should be priced to sell. I can get new movies at Walmart for that much. Not to mention they've been used, and maybe abused, by countless renters. Maybe after some time goes by and they aren't selling enough, they'll drop the prices in an attempt to empty the shelves. That's why we've decided to try again another day.

What we really went for were some cheap Wii games. The selection was piss poor. Some had already been sold out, but even those still had place cards showing what was once there, so we knew what they had in all...and it wasn't great. My boy did find one he liked, a copy of Mario Sports Mix. He's played it before at a relatives house and knows he really likes it, so at least it's not a gamble. Blockbuster wanted $25, which again I thought was too much to ask for a nearly three year old game that had been taken home & played by who knows how many people. They had two copies left and the cases were beat all to hell, not a good sign. You don't get the disc until you buy it, so I wasn't able to check their condition. That game still costs $40 for a previously-owned copy at Gamestop, so yes, Blockbuster's price is better, but it still worries me.

Their sales are final, for obvious reasons, so there's no returning it if it doesn't work. I highly doubt Blockbuster tests their used games like Gamestop (supposedly) does. Would any of you think twice about buying a game or movie that's been rented over & over? And what would you be willing to pay for them?