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Workplace revenge

So, yesterday there were the two Wild Card games for football. The Chargers/Bengals game was on, and afterwards was the 49ers/Packers game.

Nearly everyone around me wanted to watch the games, but only 2 people have remotes to change the TV near my desk. One of them happens to be an obnoxious contractor, who seems to think that basketball is the ONLY sport to watch (if there's a basketball game on, he'll switch over to that instead of letting everyone watch what they're enjoying).

Middle of the 3rd quarter for the 49ers/Packers game, he switches over to watch the Aztecs/Jayhawks game. And then laughs about it, because he has a remote.


I finally got someone to switch it back to the game to see the 49ers win, but it was with about 2 min. left in the game...And after that it went over to NBA TV for him to watch basketball highlights.

Now, I like sports, don't get me wrong, but maybe, just maybe, we could all agree to watch something that's in the general interest, right?

Well, I and another rep have gotten fed up with it. Last night, we set the cable box to use what's called a "VCR Timer". It's an old feature still found on this digital set top box, and it's supposed to lock the channel in so that you can't change it, to prevent anyone from messing up your recording that you schedule on your VCR.

We set the recording to watch 8 hours of Discovery Channel. :)

The only way for him to get around it is to have ALL of the cable boxes in the call center reset (which would alert management to something screwy going on, and have them questioning why he did it), or unplug the power to the cable box that's connected to the TV (which would require a 15' ladder, since the box is mounted up on a pole above the TV).

Yes, it's passive aggressive, but it's only for 1 day; maybe they'll get a clue.

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