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Windows 10 becomeing a Recommended update, might possibly install automatically if Automatic Updates are enabled.

First off, I would not post this unless I was sure this wasn’t a hoax. But I’ve seen it reported on enough different sites to believe it to be a legitimate story.

For the last several months Microsoft has been pushing Windows 10 on Windows 7 and 8 machines. I have been getting the pop up for the free upgrade for a while. I have not upgraded because I play a lot of older games like Fallout 3 and Jedi Knight 2 that in some cases i’ve had to fix just to get in Windows 7. I know Fallout 3 has issues with Win 10 as i’ve tried it on my new laptop. So I have ignored it. It appears as if Microsoft is starting to get more aggressive in getting people to upgrade.


This whole time, Windows 10 has shown up as an Optional Update in the Windows Update Control Panel.

According to the reports that have been coming out over the last few days, Microsoft will change the update from Optional to Recommended. Fordon kelly with Forbes wrote,


Mary Jo Foley with ZDNET reported the same thing.


To be honest, i’m not sure what to make of that report. From reading it over and over, it looks to contradict itself. That said i’m seeing reports from a variety of different websites, including long standing tech giant Slashdot about this. I have not seen any reports from Ars Technica or Gizmodo yet. I have also not seen anything come up on about this being a hoax, but something may come up later and if so, I will update accordingly.


I am writing this because I feel that people need to be made aware of this and decide what to do for themselves. FWIW, when i checked the Updates on my Win 7 Desktop I saw nothing for Windows 10 under Optional or Recommended. It may just not have been phased in my market yet. However, I have been getting the pop up this entire time. I will not be upgrading no matter what, and I may considering downloading CWX Control Panel a program that says it will disable the registry settings that make the pop up appear. I have disabled Automatic Updates for the time being until this gets sorted out. I have lived without whatever has been listed there for the time being. You will have to decide how to proceed yourself.

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