Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

I was watching Interstellar and below the cut I’ll spoil the ending so don’t read on if you still want to watch it.

Did anyone see this film? The premise is that the earth is a dying world (oddly enough, a subgenre I like to watch because I suppose I’m a pessimist. And yes, I liked Melancholia too). Matt McConaughy plays Cooper who lives with his daughter Murph and his son, whathisname. Now, they have to find a way to prevent human extinction and this wormhole to another galaxy, with planets that would support life might exist. I could go through the whole plot of it, but I’m lazy and don’t really feel like it but there are these beings (aliens? future humans?) who live and navigate in five dimensions. They want to communicate with humans to guide them to a habitable world or guide them in making a super space station. Now there was this idea that there are only two forces that transcend four (or five) dimensions— gravity and (wait for it) LOVE.


Fucking love? Really?

Our love will transcend dimensions and time and space. I mean, Amelia Brand knows which planet to go to despite logical information because of love. Cooper knows that he should sacrifice himself to go through a black hole because of love. He can build a superstructure to communicate to his daughter about how to build the machine that will save humanity because of gravity and love.


It reminds me how in the 5th element, the 5th element was love as if that’d make all the difference. The same way in Electric Dreams, when the killer robot stops killing because he discovers love (not that he was essentially a Tandy that did not have enough kilobytes to really become sentient). Or I remember watching that space show with Hercules where they had to have a human drive the space ship because only intuition can guide the ship correctly through slipstream. It’s this magical thinking that the illogical part of us has true power that can not be defeated.


I think as humans we hit some sweet spot where we are smart enough to rhapsodize about art and shit and transcendence and think our feelings are really important. We can build cities and televisions and rockets. We’re not smart enough to avoid making our world inhabitable or to avoid anthropomorphizing everything.

This is why our robot overlords will win. We will think that we can rely on the transcendent power of emotion and intuition but let’s be honest, we’re totally full of shit.

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