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Why I love Amazon!

I've been an Amazon customer since September 18, 2000. Back in those days, many people didn't trust online shopping sites and I was one of them but I took the plunge and ordered a cheap clock CD Player by Timex.

When the clock/CD player arrived it didn't work so I called Amazon. The customer service rep I dealt with was very helpful and sent me a new one out right away, before they received the defective one back (I don't think they even asked for the original one back as I remember). Hoorah! Skip to 14 years later and thousands of my $ spent on Amazon and I have my next defective product, an expensive $1300 furnace that will go in my wood shop.


Fed Ex dropped the furnace off around 3pm. I could tell it had been opened before because of the sloppy job of re-tapping on the box. But, I didn't have time to inspect it until 4 hours later. When I opened the box, it was obvious that someone had ordered this unit before and didn't replace all of the parts, so I called Amazon.

I spoke with Irvin and he was as helpful and as apologetic as that first service rep I dealt with 14 years earlier. He sent me out a new unit with 1 day shipping, offered to have UPS pick up the old unit AFTER I received the new unit and inspected it to see if anything was missing. Irvin said that if there was a problem with the 2nd unit missing parts, see if it had parts that the first didn't have to complete the first purchase so I would have a complete package. Once I determine its complete, then I'm to call him back for a free UPS pickup of the original ($70 shipping fee normally, I believe?). What other company would do this?! That's why I love Amazon. Also, now I have Irvin's personal line (he gave it to me) and offered to help me with future purchases if I ever need it. Amazon is the only company I know of that empowers its people to do the right thing. I love Amazon!

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