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Why did I ever stop using a news reader?

I'm just about 2 1/2 weeks into android land with my HTC One, and I'm completely loving it. One of the features I am really enjoying is the Blinkfeed with HTC Sense. Which reading in other places is apparently disliked by many, but I think it's the same group who despise anything except vanilla android. On my iPhone I used to use Zite and eventually just stopped using it (probably because I didn't get good enough signal in the john), but I'm back in the habit of using a feed now and it's awesome, I even have a check box for Gizmodo woohoo! And getting some stories from Kotaku since it's blocked at work is nice.

It flows nice, it gives me a pretty animation as I'm flipping through it, and it works as fast as the rest of the phone. I'm not sure if this was more about using a news reader or just loving my phone, either way, happy Monday to y'all.

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