Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Whitenoise Authorship

If you would like to be able to post on Whitenoise, the admins (for now Denveristoohigh and myself) would love to let you do that, but, we would like to see some kind of comment history before we approve you (just to keep out spammers, etc). We don't even have to agree with your opinion, we just want to make sure you are real and not brand new to the site.

Anyone can respond to a post, so make a few responses (either on the main site or in Whitenoise) and then ask either of us and we will gladly OK it. (You can leave a response below if you want to be added and have some history for us to see.)

We look forward to the rebuilding of the community and the free exchange of ideas and opinions that has always found a home here at Whitenoise.


Thank you!

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