Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

When I was in college, I used to love roaming the graphic design and industrial design buildings because after an assignment, the top students would have their artwork placed on the walls in the hallways for all to see.

Typically they the types of artwork you would see in the 'Popular Mechanics' and 'Popular Science' magazines of future technologies. There would someones concept drawing of future spacehotels, or someones take on mobile phones and game consoles combined. All concept drawings of possible technologies. Generally speaking, you never really expect the exact products they designed but something like it would eventually be created.


Well this is where I ask, WHERE IS MY DAMN E-INK KEYBOARD. Over a year ago, Gizmodo had shared a concept drawing that went Viral.

With every post on Gawker, you have "the funnies" who try to get a quick laugh, you had those in favor of the proposed product with the obligatory "TAKE MY MONEY" image. You have those who just arent impressed because they think the product is worthless or they've had something like it for years, those who basically live to negate the post (which I have dubbed neg-gers....... Maybe Negaters is a better name?). I was in the 'in favors' crowd, and I have actually been following the concept for awhile, especially since its competition would cost me about $2000, an e-Ink keyboard sounds like a much cheaper alternative (for those who are familiar with e-ink vs lcd technology).


The E-ink Keyboard almost seemed like a heaven send, especially for someone like me who has that condition where there memory is slowly fading, I forget the word. But not only that, but I use Adobe Premier and After Effects, and those damn quick keys seems to be impossible to remember. But exanding on the idea of the keyboard, you could basically create THE UNIVERSAL KEYBOARD. How many of you actually remember the keyboard keys for a program like Windows Media Player, or Ableton? You could even go as far as programming the keyboard based on languages, even creating hotkeys for games.


How did such a genius concept fall thru the cracks?

So I did some research and found there was an Indiegogo project for it, BUT it does not look legit. Seems like the concept designers were not involved in anyway (not saying scam.......... but seems a little iffy)


Where are they now? and why hasnt some DIYer or Big company came up with something yet? E-Ink has come a long way, Keyboard shouldnt be that much further right.

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