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What was in your "bag of crap"?

So after around 6 years of trying, I finally got my bag of crap. I was all excited. I knew not to expect too much, but when I got home today - there it was. A big box of mystery stuff, just waiting to be unpacked. The excitement was almost unbearable as I took the dog for a walk before tearing into the enormous box of wonder. It was big, it was heavy, and it smelled of "cool stuff".

Then I opened it.

Here is what I saw:


So if nothing else, it was a fairly full box, and it looked like I had scored some pyrex in the deal, so not a bad haul. Then I kept digging and unpacking, and here's what I had when all was said and done:

Again, doesn't look too bad....for those not looking closely, here's the contents:

  • 4 pack of drinking glasses
  • Small kids 1 up shirt
  • Weird blue crab bag thing
  • Emergency whistle
  • "Go diego go" washcloth hand thing
  • A microfiber headband
  • A "talking Chuck Norris" doll (talking bit broken, but kinda cool and meme like anyway)
  • a 6 pack of pyrex

Now overall, the pyrex itself would have been sufficient for an 8 buck purchase...until I saw this:


So I dug into the box of "damaged" pyrex to see if anything in there was salvagable - 5 out of the 6 pieces were actually fine...the 6th was shattered to oblivion.

All things considered I really can't complain: 4 drinking glasses that I'll plant in my office for iced coffee, and 5 pieces of pyrex with covers for 8 bucks. I was a little annoyed at having to clean up a huge box of broken glass, but other than that, I'm honestly okay with what I was sent.


How about y'all? Any BOC experiences to share?

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