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What Phone (With Stock Android) Should I Get Next?

So in the coming weeks the Samsung GS4 and HTC One will be coming to Google Play running stock Android. I think this will mean that they will be getting updates nearly as soon as the Nexus line does. I have loved having Nexus phones starting with the Nexus One and currently I have a Galaxy Nexus. It is now starting to feel a little old, especially when I see the screens and cameras on some of these newer phones.

So I am thinking it might be time for a new phone and this is exciting as there will be several options this time around. I've decided to go through a little pro's and con's from what I've read about these phones:

Samsung GS4: Pros: Swappable batteries, wireless charging (add-on accessory), Samsung is making tons of accessories for this phone, microSD slot, nice big screen, theoretically fastest based on processor speed, light weight, 4G radios, best battery(?). Cons: Most expensive ($650), plastic, screen might not be great outdoors.

HTC One: Pros: All metal, best camera of the bunch, great speakers, best screen but a bit smaller, 4G radios. Cons: Non-removable battery, no sd slot, a little heavy, expensive ($600).

LG Nexus 4: Pros: Built in wireless charging, fasted updates from Google, cheapest by a lot ($350). Cons: Glass back (more to break), non-removable battery, no sd slot, no 4G, lackluster camera, made by LG.


What would you get? Or would you wait to see if they release a new Nexus phone?

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