The island of the dolls are the most creepiest destination for the tourists. This island stands in the canal of south of Mexico City. This is the home or graveyard of thousands of scary, discarded dolls.

Yesterday i saw a TV show about this island. At first i didn't believe this so i Google this and found some horrifying news about this island. This news make me believe about the truth story of this creepy island.

The popular story about this island i listened yesterday in TV show that some little girl was playing in this island 50 years ago. While playing a girl was lost. After his death a priest found the discarded body of a doll of the girl who died. (The priest came in this island to meditation.) Then he hung the doll in tree to pleased the girl. The priest said that the doll carrying the spirit of the girl. To save the girls spirit and protect the island from evil he collected more discarded dolls and hung in the trees of the island.


Most tourists swear that they hear the doll whispering on them and a lady saw a dolls eye animating while he watching the doll.

I got a lot of similar stories and photos in