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What a pain in the ass...

So, for those who may have read previous posts, I started a podcast a few weeks back. It's been a blast so far, and I'm really enjoying it.

However, I started to run out of space for my podcast episodes ( has a limit of 500 MB of storage for all of the podcast files - but I can get 5 GB for only $60/year! Wow! What a steal for 5 GB of storage! Oh...wait. I get 5 GB for FREE from Dropbox. Not exactly a steal, now, is it?), so I decided to switch over to my own hosted site (, for those who are interested).

This is where I learn a few things: 1) I know very little about HTML and web design (I relied on Wordpress to make it a little easier for me to set up automatic posting of the podcast) and 2) Podomatic does not let you edit the RSS feed unless you pay for the PRO hosting option.


Because of this, I am forced to go through and have everyone who subscribed to the podcast re-subscribe to a new feed, which includes the original episodes plus any new episodes I will publish in the near future. This means that I will probably lose some people who can't figure out the unsubscribe and resubscribe...Thanks a bunch, Podomatic.

Oh well...Maybe I'll pick up some new subscribers to offset it! I can only hope, right?

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