While it hasn't been talked about recently, I know a lot of people think the next iPhone needs to be bigger, like the Galaxy S4.

I, for one, disagree. I can sort of see the point in wanting or needing a bigger phone, but for me personally, I don't want/need it, I'm fine with the current iPhone 5 size, I don't think it needs to be any bigger.

Why? Because we've got tablets. I don't see the point in a bigger phone when you could get a tablet to deal with the larger screen real estate you may desire.

A phone the size of the Galaxy Note, to me, seems a little over the top. I feel like a phone is good for quick things, while walking, or while stopped for a short amount of time. And then a bigger screen, such as from a tablet, is for when you're properly stopped like sat down at a café.


Just my thoughts on larger phones and why I don't really want one.

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