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Well Done Google

Of all companies to pull this off, Google did it well.

I speak of photo uploads.

Sure, we have Apple and Photo Stream but that is very limited. For starters, Photo Stream doesn't seem to upload over data for me, something Google+ will happily do. Not that I want to abuse my data but its nice that the option is there.

Another issue is that outside of the Apple ecosystem I am royally screwed. I can't access photo stream outside of my iDevices. Yes, I can publish a Photo Stream website for others to see, but thats extra work for nothing.

I like having everything sitting on a site, waiting to be shared if I want it or otherwise just being stored.


Google is great for that. All the shots I take on my devices are constantly being uploaded, anything I take I know I will have on my computer for use instantly. Its great and easy when I want to share cool things that I didn't share directly from the app.

The downside to G+ is that for me, it isn't native like Photo Stream. Its just an app, albiet one that works very well.


This would be less of a problem if Photo Stream could auto-send to Google+ or what have you, but as it stands Apple's own rather robust systems are hilariously locked down to simply Apple only devices. Even things like iMessage, something that Windows users would love to have (on a OS that dwarfs the marketshare of OSX no less...) yet Apple keeps all the goodies away for no real logistical reason other than "Yea, only for us and too bad for you guys".

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