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Way To Go, Klamath County

I’m not one to tends to say, “I told you so,” but this time, I actually did...

Back in 2012, the long-sitting sheriff of Klamath County, Tim Evinger, had chosen not to run for re-election so there was an initial field of nine candidates vying for the position. Had Tim run again most of those people wouldn’t have challenged him because they knew they would have lost, so there were many who tossed their hat into the ring. One of those candidates was Frank Skrah, a 20-years retired cop from Los Angeles who was active during L.A.’s most corrupt years, though if he was directly involved with anything illicit he did a great job of burying it. Even I was a bit of a fan at first because he was what appeared to be no bullshit, and he said what appeared to be the right things.


Tim Evinger is a good friend of mine, and he and I were talking one night about how he’d had too many people say that they really wanted him to stay in office. It was beyond the cutoff to be on the ballot, so we rolled the dice and launched a write-in campaign. A long shot, but we gave it all we had. Over the course of the election cycle, Frank Skrah’s true colors started to shine through. He was an honest-to-gawd prick who would take the slightest modicum of truth, spin it up, and use his version of the story to throw his opponents under the bus. Typical politics for sure, but anyone who spent any amount of time around Frank Skrah could tell that he was as dirty as they get.

Skrah kept spoon feeding the citizens of Klamath County all the tastiness they wanted to hear, and as a result won the election. He swore he was going to clean up the county, “ arrest Dumb & Dumber with the trunk-load of dope passing through,” and here’s the big one, “clean up the financial mess that Tim Evinger created.” There’s that spin again. See, Evinger kept getting his funding taken away by the county commissioners, and the commissioners always blamed Evinger for not running the Sheriff’s Office correctly. Another story entirely...

So here we are, present day. Somehow Frank Skrah made it three years into his term and the sheep’s clothing have been torn away to reveal the wolf. According to Oregon Live, Klamath County Commissioners placed seven of the county’s 30 sheriff’s deputies on paid leave Monday amid a state criminal investigation of Klamath County Sheriff Frank Skrah. These deputies asked to be placed on leave for fear of retaliation and a hostile workplace. Of this I have no doubt considering when Skrah was elected the first thing he did was hire this piece of shit as his patrol commander - Martin Rowley:


Yes, he’s as much of a dick as he looks.

There were a lot of us who warned everyone about how toxic Frank Skrah truly is, but nobody listened, and they elected him. I hope you’re happy, Klamath County.

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