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Want To Celebrate Pi Day With More Than Just Pie? Check Out These Virtual Run/Walk Events.

If you like to celebrate Pi Day (3/14, based on the first 3 digits of Pi) with a slice (or two, or a whole) pie, then I’m right there with you. But if you’d also like to get a little exercise so you can eat even more pie, there’s a couple virtual runs you can sign up for. Or if you just like the look of the medals or t-shirts, you can just register and submit a fake time if one is required.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with these, a virtual run/walk is a run/walk that you do in real life, but on your own time and at any place of your choosing. The virtual part is that it’s not organized to take place at any specific place, or any specific time other than possibly a specific day. Some allow you to link a tracking app, but most have you submit your finish time, on the honor system.

First up, there’s the US Road Runners Pi Day 5k/10k/Half Marathon, and for today (Feb 1) only, you can register for just $9.99. After that, it goes up to $16.99, which still isn’t a bad deal for a pretty cool medal.


The medal, which is shaped like a pie that spins and features several of the digits of Pi, will be mailed out 15 days after you register, even if you don’t run or walk it, or submit a finish time. If you do want to play along, you can run/walk this one any time after you register, it doesn’t have to be on Pi Day. So if you want a cool medal for $10, go get one here. You can also get yourself a t-shirt (color choices are dark green, navy blue, maroon, or yellow) with the same logo for an additional $9.99.

And here’s a Youtube video of the medal if you want to see how it looks and spins.

The next Pi Day run/walk is a 5k/10k from Virtual Running Club. This one is a little more strict in regards to it’s Pi Day theme. The run has to be done on March 14th (which is a Monday). While not as fancy as the other one, the medal is still pretty nice, and you can choose a registration with ($35) or without ($25) a t-shirt. There are also options to register to do the run but not get a medal or t-shirt, but then what’s the point, you can do that for free anyway. Feb 21st is the last day to register and get your t-shirt before Pi Day.


The medal and t-shirt feature the same design. If you’re interested, you can sign up here. Make sure you fill everything out, because of the poorly chosen colors for the site, some of the text is hard to see. Although you are required to enter your finish time on 3/14, it’s on the honor system, so again, if you just want the medal and/or shirt, all it really costs you is the registration fee. Just keep it realistic so you’re not beating a lot of other people on time and discouraging anyone.


So sign up if you’re interested, especially for the spinning pi pie medal since there’s a today only registration sale (not sure what time zone, so I’d assume EST), and happy running!

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