Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

A funny thing has happened the last couple of years: The greatest sci-fi/genre series are not to be found on cable or Syfy or such. Nope, it's the CW.

Think about it. We've got Arrow and The Flash which do a better job with their DC comic sources than any of the big-screen movies. At io9, Laruen Davis has just done a beautiful work on how The 100 has gone from a so-so "pretty version of Lord of the Flies" into one of the most dense, compelling and brilliantly powerful shows on the air now.


Meanwhile, The Vampire Diaries still offers fun (especially with Candice Accola pulling off the coup of a grieving for her mom Caroline shutting off humanity to become more bitchy) while the spin-off The Originals is even better with darker protagonists and higher stakes mixed with a wild family drama. Sure, Supernatural is long in the tooth but still offers some unique stuff. Throw in Reign, which plays like a fantasy version of 16th century France and highlighted by Megan Follows killing it as the wicked Catherine and hell, even the beautiful Jane the Virgin giving a wild take on a soap opera and you've got shows that push boundaries all over.

Now add in iZombie which is already one of the single best pilots out there, Rose McIver fantastic as a morgue worker who has to feed on brains but uses it to help people. The best part is that unlike so many other shows who are afraid to even use the word "Zombie" (looking at you, Walking Dead) this uses it constantly with pop culture talk of zombies and how they match up.

So how did this happen? How did the network known for just goofy teen soaps turn so awesome? For a start, people who respect the genre. With Arrow/Flash, they're not ashamed of the comic book roots but fully embrace them, goofy aspects and all and that plays into the action. 100 is incredibly brutal with constant deaths of major characters but also offers great personal drama as seen by the relationship of Clarke and Lexa as a fan-fave lesbian couple actually do seem close but torn apart by circumstances. Yes, they go for pretty leads but more importantly, the CW knows that fans love this sort of stuff as long as it can be grounded by good characters and that's what they give us. Every single series has a major scene-stealing character (Lexa, Felicity Smoak, Harrison Wells, Queen Catherine, Caroline, Elijah) and sharp dialogue. Throw in excellent production values (the FX for the high-speed of Flash is amazing) and you get stuff that just pops beautifully.

So yes, as amazing as it sounds, if you want a network that loves us geeks, the CW is it in spades. They don't talk down but embrace this community and how much we love it and take fan buzz into consideration a lot (see how the fan love for Felicity pushed her from one-shot character to full-time) and always reward with amazing material. No matter your age, the network is a sci-fi haven and that's great for all of us.

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