Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.


Just last week I heard rumor that the phone I was eye-ing up on Verizon was retired... And I was surprised! The phone being retired was the Nokia Lumia Icon. Its not even a year old yet. I get why phones get retired, but this one... It befuddles me. There isn't a phone to replace it from Nokia/Microsoft, but my best guess is they are giving space for the HTC One M8 windows phone version... Which has mostly the same specs, except the camera is way inferior. Which is why I wanted the Lumia Icon in the first place.

Another rumor I heard is that Microsoft is phasing out all the Nokia brands, and potentially isn't making this phone anymore in favor of a replacement model (yet to be announced) with the exact same specs minus the Nokia markings. Another rumor is that they are doing a followup to the Lumia 1020 (phone with the most amazing cell phone camera you can buy today). Which would be nice if it got announced.


If you're wondering the specs of this phone, you can see them all here:…

So, needless to say, I took the opportunity last weekend to do some phone searching to find the Icon at a store (and all those stupid retailer stores give you a blank stare when you mention Windows Phones... GOOD GOD, get off your pretentious asses and learn things outside of Apple and Google's ecosystems. Its not that hard. And the whole "oh windows phone sucks" thing is getting seriously old... I've been using it for the past 4 years, and I love it. I've also used android and iphones during that time between my work phone and my wife's phones... And its all good, but I like how the Windows Phone runs best. Thats my decision. And if you tell me that Windows Phone sucks, I know immediately 3 things: 1. You don't know what you're talking about because you never tried it. 2. You bought into the Android Kool-Aid/Apple Juice. 3. You aren't smart enough to figure out more than 2 things.).

I found the phone I want at the store my friend works at. So to his benefit, I upgraded my plan to the Edge plan (ends up being cheaper after 2 years), and I got the extra trade-in value for my wife's old iphone 4S ($200, and its kinda broke-ass... So thats a W in my books.) as she upgrades to the iphone 6. Got my parents each a Lumia Icon as well (they are doing super well with the Windows Phone, wouldn't want to change them over...).

That being said, I'm tired of Verizon's lackluster attitude towards Windows Phones. I believe Windows Phones would fare sooooo much better if there were a few things different:

  • The whole "Microsoft sucks" stigma... Dude, thats so pre 2009. Get with the times.
  • The Windows Phone is inferior... false, Windows Phone goes punch for punch with nearly every feature (and more in some cases) that other phones have.
  • The app store is too small... Yeah, its not 1 million +, but it is still 300,000 plus. Not too shabby for a distant 3rd phone system
  • Nobody wants to be different... EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE DIFFERENT. How they are different is the deciding factor

Anyhow, I'm done. End of Rant. I'm a fan of Windows Phones, and I want them to succeed because I see huge potential with more developers and more users. I'm not knocking iPhone or Android, they both work well and are nice in their own rights. I'm just really tired of the rhetoric about Windows Phones being inferior, with unsubstantiated and largely mis-informed evidence.

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