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Update2: Lollipop WiFi issues

Update 2: Tried Android M with Elemental X kernal. Kinda worked (but still had wifi issues) for like a week or two and then crashed spectacularly. Phone now blinks out after 5-10 minutes on plain old factory stock.

Update: Last chat with LG pretty much confirmed that it’s a kernel issue. Rep said the $50 software repair they offered was to downgrade my phone to kitkat, which uh and then what happens when I accept the update again? And another rep said LG is pretty much just waiting on Google to sort it out in the next lollipop update.

But, Cyanogen mod+upgrading my T-Mobile sim card has made the wifi stick longer and it’s slightly more stable. And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the T-Mobile tech support was great. He let me explain everything I’ve tried, said I did everything right, gave some more technical suggestions (which I also tried but forgot in the laundry list) and was like “don’t root ‘cause warrenty” but kinda meh on the evils of rooting.


So next step will probably be the ASOP on which kitkat was based. or kitkat

Original: It’s pretty well known that andriod lollipop breaks on some machines and not others. I couldn’t tell you the rhyme or reason ‘cause my mother and I are running the exact same flavor of lollipop and mine wouldn’t work even after factory resets, reinstalling the ROM from the website (well this worked right up until I put my sim card in) and every possible configuration of wifi and nfc and data settings. I also contacted google support who pitched it to LG, who told me it was a software error and wanted $50 for the repair ‘cause my phone is out of warranty.

So being that I already installed adb and fastboot so I could install stock lollipop from the website (which, like I said, didn’t work) I vaguely remembered that at some point my mom’s phone cache was wiped. So since my recovery mode was being wonky, I went down the rabbit hole of adb and fastboot commands.


I found this lovely list of adb and fastboot commands, remembered to actually turn on usb debugging (settings->about->build (tap 7 times) to get debug options to turn on usb debugging) and tried every one of the fastboot erase options.


And then wiped all userdata:

fastboot -w

Then I reinstalled the operating system from stock (though not convinced I had to) and it worked for all of like 15 minutes.


So uh, any suggestions that aren’t install kitkat or cyanogenmod?

ETA: I’m currently going the cyanogen route ‘cause I need a functional phone, but may try installing stock again in a few days.


ETA2: Still having wifi issues on cyanogen, have all the same apps that were on my Galaxy backup phone that was working fine. I think I need to shoot another email to LG...

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