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Too Damned High

Just thought I'd blow off a little steam here as I'm feeling the crunch of both my 9-to-5 and the added pressure of finding a new apartment by the end of the year.

For those that don't know I live in New York City, I am a NY native so I've seen this city be gentrified, de-gentrified, and back. This current period of gentrification is probably the worst in terms of affordable housing. Essentially either you can afford a market rate rent (which if you read this you'll notice they're asking for around $3k on average) or you have to get into a lottery for some kind of rent stabilized housing. Based on this market average, the average renter is bringing in a six figure salary in order to get by - sadly I'm not one of these people.


What does rent look like in your neck of the woods?

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