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Today I didn't get called a troll

While I was writing this comment I was thinking to myself “Do I really want to get called a troll by every model in the industry?” but I have yet to see a single person say I’m making some kinda trolling/bait comment.

I was asking a genuine question and got genuine responses. It’s difficult to ask similar questions when it comes to things like tech and gaming without everyone in that industry coming along, one by one, to tell you you’re a troll, and not actually answer the question.


Granted I got told practically the same thing each time which can get a little annoying (Can’t they read the other replies?) but the point is people kept it civilised. I discard so many comments after writing them because I know someone’s going to take it badly and it’ll go downhill from there.

I’m looking at some other comments and people are being much less civilised.

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