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This one screen capture says so much about Sploid

...and the lack of community ownership the "editors" have over there. It's as though they post, walk away and could careless. Gawker "editors", please take note. I routinely go through the gray commenters on Giz, approve those with good comments so they get noticed.

It's part of our responsibility as approved commenters. I clicked on a Sploid article yesterday, not realizing it was Sploid when clicking from Giz and started going through the gray comments to approve them. When I was finished, I just noticed I was on Sploid where I'm not an approved commenter.
The problem lies in that the "editors" are not only NOT approving commenters, but those commenters that are approved, aren't using their status to weed through and approve good comments from others, which has been the purpose of Gawker's commenting set up for years.
Once there were star commenters. I was one. I took that responsibility seriously. If you were a star commenter, you had the ability to recommend a commenter on the Gawker site you were starred on in perpetuity. Today, if you are an approved commenter, you can only approve for that particular post. In essence, all star commenters were demoted, but we still have the power to approve certain comments on certain articles. However, Sploid's editors don't seem to be approving enough commenters that take the role seriously and use their status to help others. This needs to change, but unless someone or a group of us starts to voice this, it won't get done. Jesus and Casey have had enough time to take on that responsibility and they haven't.


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