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This is why my coworkers keep getting malware lately

When setting up a new computer, it's fairly common to download and install iTunes, right? That's a common thing? But if a user types "itunes" into a Google search, THIS is what they see. (I've temporarily disabled my AdBlock to capture this screenshot.)

At least three of my non-computer-savvy coworkers clicked on this exact Google ad this week, which sent them to this fun little site:


All three of them clicked "Download Free", without reading the tiny disclaimer below:

Clicking download starts a download manager to manage the iTunes download. Additional software may be offered to you via opt-in or opt-out ads during the installation process.

This "additional software" was apparently a cornucopia of self-replicating malware: Registry cleaners, "virus scanners", in-browser pop-up ads, etc, etc.

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