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Had an entire day to myself. Did I get caught up on stuff that needed to get done around the house?

Of course not. The weather was too nice to give my free time to tasks.

I set out after a mostly uneventful F1 race for a place I knew would be a decent hike. The drive out is on nothing but wonderful backroads.


Turns out everybody in the world had the same idea. I noped out of the overflowing parking lot and drove further down the road.

Found a pull off and walked around a bit.


This area was setup more for leisurely bike riding and didn’t have much of anything interesting going on. I set out again with nowhere in particular as my destination.


On my way to nowhere, I remembered a place a friend told me about. Another decent drive on backroads,a short lunch detour, only getting a little lost, and I was there by early afternoon.

I should have maybe researched this area before coming here. There was nothing but a board with a general map of your location. The trail seemed to be just an old gravel road, so I set off.

Around the first bend and lily pond!


There were tons of crazy looking dragonflies, but they possessed an uncanny ability to remain completely still just until they were in focus. Buggers!

Not too much further up the trail and it split into two directions. The trailroad I was on looked like it was a straight path uphill. The skinny trail on the left disappeared into the forest and followed the river. I chose that one.


Glad I did.


I was walking for about 45 minutes and came across some other hikers. Told me it was about another 45 minutes to the viewpoint I was hoping to find, and that if you continue on the trail it connects back to that road, making a loop.

Made it!


Beautiful view. No sign of civilization anyw....

No, wait. There it is.


Still beautiful though. I was lucky to be the only one there for about 2o minutes to enjoy the view and sounds of the interstate. Then I continued on the trail.

Probably another half hour of more difficult than anticipated uphill hiking and I got back to that road.


I’m glad I went the way I did. Now all I had was a mostly straight and easy downhill run. This would have been boring as heck and exhausting to climb the hill this way.

I found out later that the road used to lead to an old inn and supposedly there are ruins further up that old road. I’ll have to go back later. And now that I know how long to expect, I can take my time.

It was still daylight when I got home, so did what should’ve been a quick repair to my truck.


Turned out to be a pretty awesome day and I’m glad I took the time to get out because the rest of the week mostly sucked. With the exception of the meat coma inducing meal I made for myself.

F1 race, gorgeous not too hot weather,beautiful drive, beautifuler hike and a thing fixed on truck. Pretty good day.


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