It’s your weekly Photo Gallery! Come on in, take a look at what people have been up to over the past week and share some of your own photos.

They don’t need to be taken with a fancy camera or works of art. Share any SFW photos you’ve taken with even the poorest of potatoes. Of course we love to see that arty stuff too.

Sickness and rain prevented me from getting out for any wandering. So this week is stuff from around the house.

Thursday was the 40th anniversary of Star Wars so I had to celebrate in some way. Such a great film score.


A Superman keychain.



The Mouse and the Motorcycle was one of my favorite things as a kid. Bought this as something to watch with my nephew. I’ll get him the books when he starts reading.

My dad’s Nikon F2. The meter doesn’t work but it will still take pictures.


I took the 50mm 1.4 lens off of it and took some shots with it on my DSLR.

Optimus and his parasol.


Went outside and immediately regretted it. This is pollen on top of my car.

I’m going back inside where it’s safe.


Peach Progress: