It’s your weekly Photo Gallery! Come on in, take a look at what people have been up to over the past week and share some of your own photos.

They don’t need to be taken with a fancy camera or works of art. Share any SFW photos you’ve taken with even the poorest of potatoes. Of course we love to see that arty stuff too.

My car hit a milestone. A few of ‘em.

Wasn’t paying attention when it actually clicked over. :(

We’ve gone from 80 degree weather to a week of constant rain and near freezing temps at night. I’m not overly thrilled about that, but I still managed to get a walk in.


Pretty sure this is an ent wearing another trees bark as a mask.


“They’ll never guess I’m a tree.”

Some dampness.


Say hello to Pippi Hans.


Pippi was my great-grandmother’s pet bird. It was the only pet she owned and when it died she had it stuffed. As a little kid I thought it was super cool.

As an adult..... “Eh......” But Grandma wanted me to have it since I liked it so there’s not much I can do about it now.


Later in the week I went for a short walk at a little park.

Some lonely flahrs.



And then just about the coolest birds made an appearance.


Birds of prey are so elegant.

Whole bunch more birdage here.

Peach Progress: We got peach sign!