For but a brief moment we had blue skies and sun.

Haven’t had time to go for a proper wander lately, but when I saw the sun peaking through some clouds and bits of blue, I had to get out for at least a bit.

Nothing cheers me up quicker than sunshine and blue skies.


Some vibrant greens.

My eye was caught by a little water droplet hanging on to this branch.


Went around the other side to get different light. As I’m looking at this branch I notice huge thorns along it.

Unfamiliar with this thorny tree, I turn my head and look at the body of the tree.


That was a mistake.

I only had about 15 minutes to walk around before I had to head back to my car.


The blue skies wouldn’t last much longer. :(

And then the fog came.


Ice cream and cheesecake.



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