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I'm sure most of you heard by now, but the Microsoft Surface RT had a price drop of $150. Thats a pretty significant price drop for something I would consider a premium tablet (think iPad, Samsung tablets, Google's Nexus tablets, Asus Transformer series). Think about this, if Apple decided to drop the price of their current gen iPad by $150, then I'd guarantee that they would sell out their stock in a very short time.

Granted, the surface doesn't have nearly the marketshare of the iPad, so it wouldn't sell out quite like that. However I believe there are 2 ways of looking at this.

  • First: Microsoft is dropping the price to attempt to gain a strong footing in the tablet market. With a base price of $350, this very well is probably the best value on a 10 inch tablet (I personally picked this tablet as the best tablet and OS for productivity and entertainment, even at the $500 price tag). It would be feasible for anyone on the fence about it to take a strong second look and decide that $350 is a really good deal and take the dive in.
  • Second: Microsoft has another super secret tablet on the way, and they need to unload stock of the current Surface RT to make room for the next tablet. Rumor has it that there will be a 7 inch version powered by a Qualcom chip. Lots of people seem to like the 7 inch form factor, so that wouldn't be a big stretch to believe. On the other hand, I tend to believe that Microsoft is going to rerelease the Surface RT with some new features (Tegra 4 anyone?) and will probably push the upper limits of what a tablet can do.


Honestly, it could be either of these reasons (or both) that prompted the $150 price drop. Just felt like writing something tech related today, and this might be the only thing that I've seen interesting since the Nokia Lumia 1020 was announced (which I may post about if I get some good hands on time).