Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
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The Internet Test

I find myself joking about it all the time. That sometimes the internet would be a better place if people had to pass a test in order to use the internet. Obviously, or not whatever, I think in reality it is a terrible idea, breach of freedom blah blah blah, this is for fun.


This test would combine some of the most simple tasks that the average users participate in whenever they decide to get on them internets. If the user couldn't pass the screening requirements they would be directed towards remedial training. Here's what I would want on there, comment below with what you want on the Internet Test.

Test 1: The Browser

Requirements - explain what a browser is and know how to open it, and where to type in a web address.
Acceptable answers: The box I use to use to the internets.
Note: though using IE is looked down upon as a primary it will be accepted for the purpose of licensing.


Test 2: Search Engine

Requirements: Be able to open a search engine via typing in the web address or knowing how to use the browser enabled one. Following that, find the answers to a list of simple common items your typical search would find on the first page.
Stipulation: Using askjeeves or attempting to use askjeeves is instant disqualification, proceed to remedial training.


Test 3: That Nigerian Price is Not Real, and My nephew isn't stranded in Canada

Requirements: Go through a test email box and separate and delete Spam emails without opening any attachments on them. Spam emails ranging from Get BIG tonight! to Grandma I'm stuck in Europe.


Test 4: Living Social

This test is to be administered through realistic looking system pop-ups and boxes on webpages throughout the entire rest randomly. It will ask the tester to enter in their Social Security Number, credit card info, and address in any combination or alone.


Remedial Traning:

Training will be available immediately after the test results are given to the individual, and a minimum of 1 week in wait time between testing must take place.


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