Yup, Highest Grossing Animated Movie...................... OF ALL TIME. You may be thinking, I'm a day early for April Fools (a day I am actually looking forward to), but Nope. It just took Toy Story 3 For the top spot (which grossed roughly 1 billion).

Now considering how long the film has been out a total of 5 months, thats really saying something.

There are the obvious:

  • Animated films are coming back
  • Musical Number type films (which were a huge part of my 90s) might be on its way back.
  • Disney is back to its animate films greatness.

But then there are several points that need to made, that makes this movie really stand out.


  • Beyond all the controversy 'Let it go'-gay-rights conspiracy, this movie has been accepted by ALL walks of life: Gay, straight, young, old, male, female. Grossing 1 Billion dollars world wide
  • Its a Disney princess movie, without the formulaic need of a prince. The real savoir of this movie was love. The argument has already been made that its more of 'lesbian-gay' love, but thats another argument for another day, this movie was about the bond between two people, regardless who they are.
  • It can be argued that this is proof to Hollywood that a new age of 'Women as both the protagonist and heroes' is upon us. Only time will tell.


To be honest, I wasnt a big fan of the film myself, but I did get a kick out of the Weasle-Town prince.


The success of this film is definitely worth noting both award wise and in the box office, when you consider the 'backlash' it has received.

I figure I should give the audience what it wants. Here you go!

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