Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Saw this article over on Phandroid, and thought I'd share since it combines 2 things I enjoy, casual restaurant dining and technology. There's a small SoCal chain called Stacked (4 locations) that does this with iPads at each table, and I've been to their Torrance restaurant a few times and it's pretty cool. It takes the waiting time out of putting in your order (and customizing it to your liking), asking for refills on drinks, and getting the check when you're done.

There's a few comments about it costing jobs, but based on my experience dining at Stacked, I'm not seeing that. There's still someone to seat you (and figure out where, or when a table will open up), the waiters/waitresses still bring your food, check up on you, bring any refills, and the credit card slip to sign. The cooks still cook the food, and the busboys still clear the tables. There's no more having to wait to order because your waiter is at another table waiting for someone to make a choice, and when you're done you don't have to wait for the check, which should also mean they can turn tables around faster.


I'm looking forward to seeing this at Chili's, provided the tablets are also cleaned along with the tables between each customer.

Here's the original Gigaom link.

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