Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! The day or so we post pics from the week prior. The sunset is starting to wait around for me in the parking lot when I get off work. Something to look at while I wait for winter’s end.


This cat was there the last time I was, and approached me cautiously, getting closer and closer, keeping an attractive eye out, but never quite within reach. Might be one of those new smart kitties. Or hungry.

This pose, and this face, remind me of something, but I just can’t quite place it. There’s a painting, or an illustration,or, something. (When I left, cat was still loitering about the parking lot, so I went to a nearby gas station for a can of food; it knew just what to do with it.)


Beavers! Haven’t seen sign of them here for a few years.


Several weeks ago, the cattails were all standing in water and flinging their seed over everything. Now the water has receded and one can walk about among them, albeit muddily.


These tails of the cat can unfurl in interesting ways.


Other than that, ‘twas work. Even on my days off I couldn’t hardly sleep in, and when I was asleep, I dreamed about fixing stupid shit at work, or breaking my newly repaired phone screen.

The lad is off with my phone, so I’ll try to post the few interestingish work pics in the comments. In the meantime, what did you see this week, looking up and down, at the new or familiar... ‘tever it was, have a share, for the rest of us.

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