I'm sure that some people reading this have hobbies and interests that aren't the norm. If you're a fan of Advanced-Mustache Trimming, it's probably a lonely world for you.

Today though, all of the worlds Mustache Nerds can concentrate online! Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and maybe even G+ all allow us to connect.
I myself like Longboarding. Sure, it might not be that far out if you live in California, but here in Ireland nobody has even heard of them. A year or so ago though, me and my friends who skateboarded came upon a Facebook page called the "Dublin Longboard Crew".

It blew. our. minds. "Other people longboard? In Ireland?!"

Now, there are over 500 of us and counting, and we're a very close community. We host events for each other in each others home towns, and have managed to get a few of our members into the international races!

Here's a video that was made last year of us all:

This was obviously a huge success story for the power of social networking. I was wondering, are we alone? I'm sure this happens every day of the week, with all sorts of weird past times!