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Stop Worrying About Spoilers

It’s official; I’ve stopped worrying about spoilers. Guess what? You should, too.

One of my favorite TV shows is Sons Of Anarchy, and from December 2013 to January 2014 I went without any sort of cable television, so needless to say I missed season seven. Just tonight I started up S7 on Netflix, and with the interwebs being what it is of course I know about Jackson killing Gemma, and how Jackson dies at the end, but I honestly find myself not really caring one bit. There was a time when I cared about spoilers, but I’ve realized that it really doesn’t matter.


You’ve heard the old saying about how it’s the journey and not the destination, well, that definitely applies to TV. For instance, I’d never even seen a single episode of How I Met Your Mother until I read about how everyone was so upset about the ending, so I watched a YouTube video with the ending, then proceeded to watch the series from the beginning, and you know what? Knowing what happened did not in any way detract from the adventure that is How I Met Your Mother. The same can be said for Breaking Bad. I heard about what happened at the end of the series before I saw it, and I really didn’t care.

When you whine about spoilers online, what you’re actually saying is, “The story doesn’t matter and I don’t really care about the time and effort that the writers, actors, and crew put into everything that lead up to that one moment everyone is talking about. That there is a serious load of crap.

I’m only on episode three of SOA S7, and even though I know all about the big stuff that’s coming, I am still stoked for the ride that gets me there.

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