A pet site of mine that becomes whatever I am feeling at that point in time. Worked a 12 hour day today so I don't have a ton of juice to put something ...more... meaningful up.

The purpose of this article is to show something built using BitBucket and AppHarbor. Demos for potential employers never have to be something fancy. Just show off what you know. They do need to have some meat to them and generally show off something more advanced than "Hello World" but for a Junior position this demo would definitely get your foot in the door for an interview. (No that is not me telling you to use my code as a demo! Write your own, but I'm sure you get the jist)

In case you missed the article I'm referring to, Software Development... The last frontier of free to learn high salary jobs. All it takes is some creativity and dedication and you can do anything you put your mind to! (Because people will ask, this demo took about 4 hours to build. It's an older demo of mine and yes all the code is custom. I don't do copy and paste jobs :-))

If you want to play around on it here's the instructions.

1) If you don't have Google Chrome, go install it (No promises this will work on other browsers)

2) Click The Link

3) Click the Login link and fill in a UserName and click "Update". (There is no backing database to this, so no information is stored. Just in case you were worried. You just need a UserName to show over your character)


4) Walk around using your arrow keys and see everyone else walking around too! Don't mind Groc... He's an idiot.


If I get 200 views on this article I'll post all the source code on GitHub under GPL and update with a link to it (Or if a few people ask very nicely).

This is built using JQuery, MVC (C#), DotNetOAuth, and SignalR. Feel free to cruise through the JavaScript. Its a quick thrown together demo, so please go easy on the code critiques. That's it for today. Always keep pushing the boundaries and never stop learning!