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So, I rarely post about current events, because current events are 1) depressing, and 2) suck. But today, I’m going to briefly lift that, because the suckitude of current events combined with my love of the law to produce an absolute trainwreck travesty of a horrorshow.

So let me start with the basics- Kavanaugh is not a good choice for the Supreme Court. He is not a stellar intellect. He is a partisan hack. But, hey, he wouldn’t be the first partisan hack, right? But putting aside the fact that he would be a second-rate intellect and partisan hack, and putting aside the credible and repeated assertions of bad actions that demand further investigation, Kavanaugh’s angry, bitter, partisan, lying performance yesterday should have completely disqualified him for a trial court position in Alabama, let alone the highest court in the land.


Let me be clear- Kavanaugh is an unscrupulous liar. I do not know about the truth of the specific allegations against him (although I may have my views of the relative trustworthiness of individuals), but I do know that he has repeatedly lied to Congress in order to advance his career. He’s lied about his interference in prior judicial nominations. He’s lied about receiving purloined documents. He’s lied about his drinking. He’s lied about the meaning of basic words (unless you think that it is credible that “boofed” means “farted” and he and a friend are asking if they farted yet). In other words, he will lie in order to advance his career, and has done so repeatedly. This, alone, is completely disqualifying for any judge, let alone a Supreme Court justice. Moreover, to angrily denounce an entire political party (and/or the Clintons?) shows that he nothing more than a craven political hack; while I am sure that he might think that, to lack the ability and temperament to avoid screaming it indicates that he is unfit to be a judge.

And that this did not immediately cause the Republicans to pull the nomination shows that the GOP is unfit to govern. There are numerous better candidates out there. That the GOP would force this giant screaming baby on us, in the same way that this giant screaming baby (allegedly) forced himself on women, indicates the level of seriousness with which we should take the party of Trump.

So the question this become, well, what can you do? Sure, you can write long posts because you are angry and sad and frustrated and scared, but that doesn’t change anything- that’s just screaming into the void, for the plaudits of people that agree with you, and to attract the trolling of various MRAs, gamergate enthusiasts, and, most likely, your grandparents. But to feel better, you have to do something. So, here’s some things you can do, that I recommend:

1. Vote. Seriously, if you aren’t registered to vote, go fucking do it now. And vote. If you can’t even do this, then you need to shut the fuck up. Because assholes will keep winning and making decisions for you unless more people vote. Most Americans are decent and good- stop letting the assholes win.


2. Fuck your family. Not literally. But most of us have family members- grandparents, parents, crazy uncle Ralph, who are #MAGA #GETOFFMYLAWN people. Well, fuck ‘em. You have better things to do than to “accommodate” them. Thanksgiving with non-racist, non-asshole friends that you choose is better than seeing them through gritted teeth, right? If they bother you, politely say, “I’m sorry that you fucked this country up, and until it is unfucked, I don’t want to deal with you. KTHXBYE!”

3. Don’t fuck Republicans. Now I mean this literally. Are you single? Well, there are tons of wonderful, non-racist, non-Trump supporting people that you can have the wonderful dates and/or sexy time with. Are you married to a Trumpublican? My condolences. I can’t tell you to DTMFA (but you should ... unless there are kids), but you can make their life as miserable as their votes are making the lives of women, minorities, and, well, anyone with a conscience.


4. Organize, donate, give. So, voting (see 1, above) is pretty much the bare minimum. Did you know you can volunteer for your local political candidates? Or run for local office? Or donate money to other candidates? Yes, you can (and should) do all of these things. Get active.

5. No more Fox News. Stop the propaganda. Are you at someone’s house (again, probably grandparents) and you see Fox News on? Tell them to turn it off, or you leave. Are you staying at a hotel, and the breakfast area is blaring Fox News? Tell them to turn it off, complain to management, and inform them that if it stays on, you won’t stay at that hotel (or chain) again. Same with a bar.


6. Make the personal, political. Don’t just stop there. If you are a professor at a university, and your university is thinking of hiring an individual who worked for, or supported, the Trump administration, organize so that they aren’t. In every avenue of life, make sure it is known that what is happening is not normal, and you won’t stand for it.

Now, I know that some of you will read this, and say, “But what about civility? What happens when the shoe is on the other foot? Can’t we all just ... get along?” Well, that attitude is what has allowed Trump, and Trumpism to metastasize in this country. “Normal” is arguing over George W. Bush, Clinton, Obama, H.W. Bush, and Reagan. This is not “normal,” and “civility” is what allows “very fine people” to march openly with Tiki Torches, and allows giant man babies to scream and lie* and still get appointed to the Supreme Court.


You don’t have to follow my list. But if you see the photo at the top, and you are pissed off too, then do something. If you really want to make America great, then we need to take it back from the screaming elderly man-babies of the party of unearned White Male Entitlement.

*And, well, allegedly sexually assault women too. You can’t spell GOP without RAPE, apparently.


EDIT: And one more thing. Shift the Overton Window on Brett “Big Angry Baby” Kavanaugh. Demand accountability. He lied, repeatedly. Agitate for an investigation, hold your politicians accountable. And when it is shown that he lied to get this job, demand impeachment. Let it be known that lying to get a Supreme Court seat will never, ever be acceptable, and that the GOP’s rush will have consequences. The litmus test for all Democratic Politicians must be investigation, and, if (when) Big Angry Baby’s testimony is found to be untruthful ... removal. Maybe the investigation happens after the 2018 election, maybe after 2020. But keep at it. Don’t stop. Don’t forget. Don’t allow Big Angry Baby and the party of enablers to push this under the rug.

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