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So my dog is insane when it rains...

No, that's not really my dog...but MAN was that what I felt like she looked like in the middle of the night last night. 3 AM, it's raining out. No thunder, no lightning, just some heavy rain. My beautiful dog, who's been with me for about two months now (a rescue), is on the bed whimpering, panting, pacing, and generally making herself inconsolable. This went on for around two and a half hours. Mind you, my Lily is probably the mellowest dog alive otherwise....completely calm, will gladly take a 47 hour nap if you let her, and has a favorite game called "nap" (which she's doing now since she missed out on all that sleep).

So I took to the interwebz and started researching what I can do to help her not be as stressed out and, by extension, get myself some sleep. I found some floral liquid called "rescue remedy for pets" that sounds like some kind of hippie witchcraft mumbo jumbo to me, though for the 10 bucks on amazon I may give it a whirl:


The other big suggestion I got was the I've seen commercials for this thing before and, generally speaking, think that only douchebags put their dogs in clothing...HOWEVER, if it actually works I will totally use it. 600 some odd positive reviews, 150 some odd negative ones, with a butt ton of reviews in the middle:

Now being the geek that I am, and being that I was bloody desperate to calm the pup last night, I tried just cranking up some music on my ipod thinking that mellow tunes might be of some comfort. That worked for around 10 minutes...and then it was like the dog knew what I was doing and was like "Oh hell no, it's still raining out". I tried taking her for a walk which, oddly, didn't bother her...just the sound from the inside of my apartment.

So how about it? Any of you all use either of the above solutions? Either of 'em work for ya or did you end up having to use happy pills from the vet?


This, by the way, is my dog in her normal state of activity:

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