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So I rooted my phone

finally, after a year of putting it off, and OH MY GOD it's beautiful having next-to-stock Android. I'm running on of the Cyanogenmod 10.1 nightlies on my Evo 4G LTE, and have found no bugs so far. It feels like a new phone.

I only almost bricked my phone twice, and it only took two days. I really wish the install process was easier.

First, I had to unlock my phone's bootloader via HTC Dev Unlock, which wiped my data. Then, I had to get fastboot and ADB on my computer and prepare to flash a custom recovery. I downloaded Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP), and ran the command "fastboot flash recovery name-of-twrp-image.img". Then, I had to reboot my phone, and hold volume down while it was booting up to get to the fastboot menu, and from there I selected recovery. Downloaded cyanogenmod 10.1 nightly (an older version) and the GApps (google apps for cyanogenmod). Popped those both on my phone via TWRP, and went to install, and installed them both. Rebooted into Cyanogenmod, and voila!


But wait! There's more! The touch screen didn't work, because I didn't get the latest nightly. So, I redownloaded, and booted into TWRP. I selected Wipe, because apparantly you have to do a factory reset to flash a new ROM, and wiped my phone's hard drive (again). I then rebooted, and it went back into Cyanogenmod. At the time, I didn't think this was right (it was), so I went back into the bootloader, and saw "Factory Reset". I tried that, and then my phone wouldn't boot at all, so I assumed it worked. So I booted back to TWRP, and went to Install, and tried flashing Cyanogenmod and GApps again. Of course there's an error, and it's complaining about not being able to mount the internal storage. So, after hours of Googleing (well, DuckDuckGo-ing), I posted on XDA-Forums. Some helpful chap replied within five minutes (faster than you get an answer on StackOverflow!) telling me to update my TWRP. So I had to download the new one, and run the command "fastboot flash recovery name-of-twrp-new-image.img". Thankfully, that fixed the problem, so I went to reinstall Cyanogenmod. Flashed the wrong version. Greaaaaat. Again, the touchscreen did not work. So I went back to TWRP, and hit Wipe. "E:Failed to mount /sdcard E: Failed to mount internal storage." Well shit. I have the latest TWRP, and something is wrong with the internal storage. I ask again on XDA, and the same person replies saying they've never seen that error before. Hmm.

So at this point, I was starting to lose hope of getting a working phone. I poked around on Ebay looking for how much a Galaxy Nexus was. It wasn't too much, so I figured if I couldn't get it working, I'd just buy that.

I decided to go on the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel for my phone, and somebody told me that my internal storage was corrupted, and I should boot into Android to fix that. One small problem: I don't have an Android to boot back into. After much back and forth between me and that person, he realized that you don't need a working internal memory to install cyanogenmod. So I went back to the Install menu in TWRP, and loaded Cyanogenmod, and boom! it worked! And, Android fixed the broken internal storage itself, prompting me that I'd lose all data on it. No problem there, you can't lose anything if there is nothing on there to lose.

So now, I have a fully rooted, S-On HTC EVO 4G LTE with Cyanogenmod 10.1 and I am extremely happy. But now I'm faced with the dilemma of launchers: do I stick with the default and miss out on my icon pack (that I really like) or do I go back to Nova and lose some features?

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