Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Most of my issues are covered in my video I added some corrections to some things I said in the video in the description.

Preface This is the first time I made a video like this, so I stumble here and there and man I tisk a lot. I was mad at the time. My Parrot also thought she should chime in here and there. It is also 15 mins long with a little slide show at the end. First time I used iMovie too so any tips appreciated. My editor was busy tonight also I suck at grammar and punctuation

All in all everything they promise not to happen on their website happened. I also mentioned in the video, That I ordered a new wood grain one, before I knew about the issues. The one I show in the video is the one they sent me 2nd day after the first one did not arrive after 2 weeks.
When I mentioned the fading, staining, change of color issue's and the product not being cut properly on the phone to them. They did not offer me a replacement, even though satisfaction is "Guaranteed". They did state that that might of been one of our old wraps and we use a different material now. But they should of realized that it was a new product that the just started making for that phone. That is the glow one in the video. I will say that it was very cool till the stains and fading happened in less then 20 days on the device.


I spent over a hour cleaning it after removal and have put the wood grain one on, to cover up the adhesive in the cracks of the device and around the rear camera opening.
I am still debating on seeing if they will replace my device, since it is not in the same condition it was before I put the product on. Good thing for me the state they operate out of protects me as a consumer against things like this and so does mine, despite them putting a wording in their terms of use. Which I didn't think I would have to even read that, when I purchase something off a website that makes promises, but there terms of use say's other wise.

Lesson learned, I should of looked into the product more, but I did receive it as a gift so it didn't even cross my mind. A quick read at Amazon and I would of sent it back. Hope this helps others not end up in my situation.

I have found out about phantomskinz now and that is who I should of went with.

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