Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Shout out to Boston

This morning Boston is experiencing it’s coldest temperatures in over 60 years. The official low was -9.

I’m not trying to diminish that cold. No matter where you live, -9 is not only cold, it’s dangerously cold. Temps that cold can, and do, kill people.


But I just want to remind Bostonians that, even though you’re cold this morning, just 48 hours ago I woke up to -15, and that’s actually typical for a low temp in winter. So Stop whining and put on an extra sweatshirt.

Also, we have them here in Wisconsin, so I’m sure you have them out there too: The complete morons who walk around in cold like this with no hat, no gloves, and their coats unzipped, and then complain about the cold. And if you see someone freezing their ass off in shorts? We get them all the time out here. Mostly kids walking to school. They will walk to school in sub zero weather in shorts, crocs, and nothing but a hoodie with a t-shirt under it, and then complain that they’re cold.

So, buck up Boston. It may be cold, colder than you’ve ever felt it, but remember, in Wisconsin, it’s not uncommon to see actual air temps of -25 to -30.

And that Calvin comic? It’s not made up. When it get’s cold enough, your boogers will freeze within seconds of stepping outside.

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