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Hello Whitenoisers,

I have a question for you guys and I’m hoping for a solution to a problem that I have (ok, it’s not really a problem. It’s a first-world problem, but, whatever). I have a gaming PC that I built about a year ago. I use 2 24” 1080p monitors running on DVI. I use a RAZR keyboard and mouse. In my living room I have a Mac Mini that I use as my server for media content and DLNA streaming. I have a wireless mouse and keyboard that I use on this guy but it’s a pain in the ass to use sitting on my couch.


What I would like to do is somehow place my Mac Mini with my gaming PC and be able to switch the monitors and keyboard and mouse between the computers on demand. I’m not sure if this is really possible. Anyone know of any solution?

Thanks guys!

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