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Shaming The Shamer

Seems like social media shaming has become an entirely new beast as of late. These days you can’t swing a digital dead cat without hitting someone who’s done something patently stupid, then the internet catches wind and that person gets all the flack they deserve (usually more) and I don’t have a problem with any of it. There is, however, something new happening that I have a big issue with - shaming the shamer.

Here’s a good example:


That graphic is so fucking stupid on so many levels, I don’t even know where to begin. I’m also seeing friends post on Facebook that they’re catching flack for expressing concern for one tragedy over another, as if there’s some unspoken moral obligation to get upset and ragey over all things equally.

That shit stops right here.

You have zero say in what your friends choose to expend time and emotion on, and it’s pure arrogance to believe otherwise. My friends know that my priority list when it comes to doling out social media rage is animals first, children come in second, and adult human beings are a very, very distant third. Hell, adult human beings are so far in third place they’ve been lapped a couple times already. My friends also know that if they don’t like it they’re free to fuck off.

One person’s dead lion is another person’s dead marine is another person’s dead victim of police brutality. The emotions belong to them so stop pretending your cause is more important, because it’s not.

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