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Shameless self plug. Love Don't Die (Its In The Microwave Remix)

I'm sure some of you have seen my posts on the Roll Call Monday and Tuesday highlighting the song I've remixed. But if you haven't its here for your listening pleasures.

This is a contest, yesterday I was at about 298th place in the hot tracks chart. Today it shot up to 84th. So, what I'm asking all of you to do (if you find it in your good hearts to do so) is to just get me some plays on this track, listen to it, share it if you like it, and leave some feedback!


What I'm aiming to do is position my song in the upper echelon of the hot tracks so that it has a fair chance with the judges when it goes into judging time in the next weekish time frame.

Heres the link, have a listen!: Love Don't Die (Its In The Microwave Remix)

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