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Run or Walk Your Grievances Away With the Festivus Virtual 5k/10k

Are you a fan of the Seinfeld TV show, its made-up holiday of Festivus, and also looking to run, or walk off some of that winter weight? Then check out the Festivus Virtual 5K/10k from the Vacation Races Virtual Race Series. As with any virtual race, you do the distance on your own, and then provide your time to Vacation Races after you’re done, and it’s on the honor system. You can also yell out your grievances while you go, and it can count as your feat of strength.

You can check out the site, or go directly here to register. There is a cool tin pole medal and this one also has a t-shirt option. They’re taking the whole Festivus thing pretty seriously, and you’re only supposed to run it on December 23rd.


Here are some of the details from the registration page.

And here are some timelines from the site, linked above.

Important Dates
12/1Last day to register to get your shirt by race day (US only)
Note:If you register after 12/1 your shirt will arrive about 2 weeks following the race
12/19Last day register to receive your personalized bib
12/22Digital race bib will be emailed to those who registered before 11/21
12/23Day of the race—You will have 1 day to complete the race and report your time. You must report your time before Midnight on race day
1/1-1/29Expect delivery of your medal and any prizes

And here are pictures of the medal and t-shirt, also viewable on the Facebook page (linked).


Update (12/25/15): here is a pic of the actual shirt, that I didn’t get in time to wear during my run, and that was one of my grievances.


Update (2/21/16): Got the medal this weekend! Slight assembly required. It has “Festivus Virtual 5k/10k 12/23/15" on one side and the slogan (pictured) on the other side of the tin pole.


Some of the proceeds will also go to charity, although which one hasn’t been decided yet (there’s a suggestion on the Facebook page for Toys for Tots, but nothing has been officially announced).

So if you’re looking for a holiday based run for the rest of us, try the one based on Festivus. As a virtual run, there are no crowds, and no fancy decorations, in keeping with the spirit of the holiday. Happy racing!

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