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Run For Fun In the Hill Valley Virtual Half Marathon

Make Yes Happen and Vacation Races Virtual Race Series have come up with the Hill Valley Virtual Half Marathon, in celebration (but not in any way officially connected to) the arrival of the date Marty McFly traveled to in Back to the Future II.

You can check the Vacation Races Hill Valley Half Marathon page on Facebook first, or go directly to the Make Yes Happen Registration Page where they have all the info you’ll need.

Here are the basics:

Registration closes on October 21, 2015, but you’ll have until October 31 to run it.

$25 to enter (the total after taxes or fees came to $26.22)

Although you can, you don’t have to run it all at once. Yes, the running part isn’t virtual, just the part where there’s no official event with road closures and water/gatorade stations.


If you’re planning to run a half marathon anyway, make sure to register first, you can retroactively enter.

As long as you run enough to total 13.1 miles by Oct 31 (entered either by using compatible apps or manually) you’ll get your medal, which is awesomely designed to look like a Flux Capacitor.


I chose manual entry because the app I use (Runtastic) wasn’t on their list, but I also signed up for a Runkeeer account and added my run on the site with the gpx file from Runtastic so I’ll also see if that works but I already entered my time manually so I won’t know if that works (but someone else can try it).


Here’s the full info from the page (copy and pasted). They seem to be fans of the movie themselves, since it’s not in any way officially associated and it’s just something they’re doing for fun.

Hill Valley Half Marathon

Great Scott! When Marty McFly and Doc visit the future they visit October 21, 2015. Run, walk or bike the one and only Hill Valley Virtual Half Marathon to celebrate the future where flying cars, hoverboards and time traveling paradoxes are a part of everyday life.

The virtual course will take you to various locations that were featured in the movie. You can run the full 13.1 miles in one day or complete it over time.

Registration is open now and will close on October 21, 2015. You have until October 31st to complete your mileage.

Once your mileage is completed, we’ll be sending you your very own Flux Capacitor. They are what make time travel possible! These one of a kind 5-inch medals will be shipped in early November to those who complete the required 13.1 miles. Marty was right, this IS heavy.

In addition, we’ll be sending out some random awards to those who post the best pictures on Social Media. You must use the hashtag #HillValleyHalfVR to win these awards. This would be a great time to break out your orange vests and self-lacing high tops.

Charity: SAVE THE CLOCK TOWER! Just kidding, we’ll be sending the Michael J Fox foundation a donation for every registration. We are not a 501c3 organization and thus your registration is not tax deductible in any way. The Michael J Fox foundation does not approve or support this event in any way. We’ll be donating to them anyway.

Additionally, this event is not approved, sponsored or supported by NBC Universal, or anyone associated with the Back to the Future Trilogy. It’s just a bit of fun :)

This race is being hosted by Vacation Races. You may contact for questions about the medal or charity.


I signed up Friday night, ran it this morning, submitted my finish time, and got these nice e-mails with pictures of the virtual mile markers.

You are at mile marker 0.0 which is at Marty McFly’s House.

You are at mile marker 3.1 which is at Doc Brown’s House.


You are at mile marker 6.2 which is at Twin Pines Mall.


You are at mile marker 13.0 which is at Universal Studio Back Lot.


So if you’re a fan of the movie, and like to run, and have about $25 to spare, sign up, do whatever running you were going to do anyway, and have fun.

Update (12/19/15): Here are pictures of the medal that I received in the mail this week. It’s heavy! Literally and figuratively. And turned out even better than the concept art.


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