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Rotten Apple!

Apple, that fine company that makes computer thing-a-ma-bobs, and music dealey-thingies, really screwed up this time.

I have purchased several computers directly from Apple.

  • First was the first gen White iBook G3. When it came in, the DVD was dead on arrival.
  • Second was a 12" PowerBook G4. It's hard drive failed within a week.
  • Third was another PowerBook G4 to replace the original whose logic board had died out of warranty. It was fine.
  • Fourth was a first gen Intel iMac. It came with a shattered LCD.
  • Fifth was a 2009 iMac. It was fine.

So, 3 out of 5 had something wrong on delivery.

Let's make that 4 out of 6. And, this time, I'm really pissed!

I ordered a 27" iMac. 3.4 quad-core i7, 8gb RAM, upgraded the graphics all the way to the nvidia 680mx w/2gb and the 1tb fusion drive.


It just came in.

Those bastards! It came as ordered, except, it has 16gb RAM!

You know....I'm so pissed, I'm not even going to call and tell them. I'm just going to keep it and use it!

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