Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Roll Call!

So I was working on the fence again yesterday and yet again the heat drove me inside around 1 o'clock. I retreated to the cool basement and watched Django Unchained (damn fine movie) for close to 3 short hours. When I went back outside a little after 4, the world had changed. Wind had shifted and brought thick smoke into the area -I could see perhaps 3 houses and that was that. The sun was gone. Ash was raining down around me.

Now, I had heard something about forest fires but this was a bit of a shock. Eye stinging, throat itches. I find now that nearly 80 homes are gone -far from where I am. Fires like this never make it to Denver (better not). These fires started yesterday I think. Crazy. Last week it was cool and raining. Now all bets are off.


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